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Device Management Portal

Device Management Portal

Securely connect the gateway to your backend or MQTT broker to access the sensor data via the management system.Keep an overview and access control of all your sensors and network elements in one place.
Update firmware of all your devices over the air
Assign devices to users
Organize your network

Public Documentation

Meshtech Public Documentation

We continuously deliver new features to our devices and update our public documentation. Our documentation should help you quickly get started and ensure that you have the best experience working with the devices. The documentation shows how to connect to the devices, control and receive data, and upgrade devices' firmware.

Mobile apps

Meshtech IoT Mobile Apps

The Meshtech IoT app demonstrates the main features of the MT MultiTracker by connecting your phone to the device. Switch the MultiTrackers from the storage mode, turn on LEDs, observe sensor measurements, upgrade firmware and monitor the offset.
The apps are available on App Store and Play Store.