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In 2016 we set up our first installation together with our partner Sensio in Fredrikstad, Norway. Today the system is installed in more than 80 nursing homes and helps the elderly feel safe at all times.

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Indoor positioning

We have developed an advanced indoor positioning system that allows you to accurately track people or assets indoors. Indoor positioning may enable faster care where needed and reduce wasted time searching for life-critical assets.


Patient signaling

Our bracelets are used for wireless patient signaling in a significant number of nursing homes, and is a great alternative to traditional, wired signaling. Combined with indoor positioning, wireless signaling ensures fast assistance for both patients and staff.


Access control

Through leveraging our BLE network and bracelets, nursing homes and hospitals have the possibility to enable access control across their facilities. Access control may contribute to the safety of both patients and staff.


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Whether you are looking to expand your current offering, or just starting to explore how technology may improve healthcare, we are always open to discuss potential opportunities and partnerships.

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